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Common causes of truck accidents

Those who spend a lot of time on the road in Ohio know that car or truck accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. In many cases, it often feels like there was no warning that a collision was about to occur. While any vehicle crash can threaten a motorist's life, truck accidents are particularly dangerous because of these vehicles' sheer size and weight.

Even though an accident can happen for almost any reason, learning how and why many truck crashes occur may help you avoid danger before tragedy strikes. This is especially important for accident victims who believe that negligence on the trucker's or the trucking company's part contributed to the crash.

Driver error: By watching for signs that a trucker is driving while drowsy, distracted or impaired, you may be able to avoid an accident caused by truck driver error.

Poorly-loaded cargo: If a truck's cargo was improperly loaded, it could lead to tragedy on the road. Practice caution around all loaded tractor-trailers. If you cannot see the truck's cargo, keep a good distance away until the truck moves out of your immediate vicinity.

Lack of truck maintenance: All vehicles require ongoing maintenance to remain as safe as possible. If you see a large truck with bald tires or other signs of poor maintenance, it is wise to stay a safe distance away from the truck.

The truck accident causes above are clear cases of negligence. This means that truck accident victims stand an excellent chance of acquiring compensation to cover their expenses. The first step is taking your case to an attorney who can help you determine if you have cause to file a lawsuit.

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