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Motorcyclists: Stay safe while driving in Ohio this winter

The temperatures are plummeting in Ohio, but you don't want to give up riding your motorcycle. Perhaps it's your only mode of transportation, or maybe you just love feeling the really cold wind in your face.

If you insist on riding throughout late fall and into winter, make sure your bike has been winterized. Here are some reminders about cold-weather riding.

  1. Let's start with the obvious: Slow down. Everything is more difficult on frozen roads, including braking and taking the curves of the road safely. Go slow and steady.
  2. You keep your tires in great condition, but remember that tires perform differently in different seasons. In warmer months, your tires will warm up as you drive and give you better traction. When the temperature is freezing, and the tires are cold, there is less traction. Check your tire pressure frequently, too, since tires deflate faster in cold weather.
  3. Put a motorcycle tow company and repair shop in the contact list in your phone. Stop in and meet the people at the shop first and get to know them a bit so that you can call and ask questions or feel comfortable asking them to come help you out in an emergency.
  4. Open the garage door and see snow? Keep your motorcycle there, if possible. Your visibility will be dramatically reduced, and you also could encounter elements of Mother Nature such as black ice.
  5. As always, wear your proper gear: boots, pants, gloves, jacket and helmet, of course. (Most of these items can be purchased with heating elements installed, too.) You'll be warm and better protected in the case of an accident.

Remember, though, that no matter how cautious you are, you could encounter drivers who aren't. Drivers of cars and trucks also need to be reminded of proper winter driving, and they can cause accidents if they don't take necessary precautions. Should you be injured in a collision with a car or truck this winter, an Ohio attorney with experience in such cases can represent you as you try to recoup your losses.

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