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How can I avoid a motorcycle crash this spring?

This winter in Ohio has been dreadful. It's unlikely that you've had many opportunities to take your motorcycle out for many rides around Columbus. Spring is fast approaching, though. It's likely that you'll start riding your motorcycle more as the weather improves. Below are some tips that you should follow to remain safe on your motorcycle as springs begins.

Although you're apt to see far more sunny days as the start of spring nears, you're also likely to see a decent amount of rainy ones as well. You'll want to approach wet roads cautiously, especially if you haven't had to deal with them for a while.

It's important to keep in mind that asphalt is porous. Often, water collects into the indentations in the road, The oily residue then rises to the top, and this slick surface can easily cause you to have a wipeout.

One tip that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) gives to help motorcyclists avoid crashes in rainy weather is to get off the road or to take other methods of transportation if a downpour is in the weather forecast.

If neither is an option, the MSF experts recommend that riders slow down and give themselves as much space as possible to brake on wet roads. It's important for motorcyclists to accelerate, brake and turn as smoothly as po.ssible to avoid accidents.

Another recommendation that the MSF makes is for all motorcyclists to be careful when navigating puddles. They note that it can be really hard for bikers to tell just how deep the water contained within is. They also note that it may be hard to know what hazards may lie underneath the watery surface.

The MSF recommends that bikers consider wearing protective clothing ol keep them dry on rainy days. They note that the gear that they use should be reflective whenever possible as this will help motorists better see them when visibility is poor due to clouds, darkness or rain.

Motorcycle accidents often result in bikers getting seriously hurt or killed. Sadly it's not all that uncommon for motorcyclists to suffer burns, cuts, amputations, broken bones, spinal cord, brain or other life-altering injuries. A knowledgeable, strategic and thorough motorcycle accidents attorney can guide you in requesting compensation from the negligent party if you've been hurt or a loved one was killed in a crash.

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