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Try these tips to avoid a Columbus truck crash

Anyone who lives around Columbus knows how dangerous it is on the highways at the moment. There is a lot of construction taking place, and that makes traffic heavy. Along with roads that are rerouted to allow for other sections' reconstruction, the situation has created the perfect storm for truck accidents.

Truck accidents are fairly common in even the safest conditions, but on tight roadways where there's little room for error, like on Interstate 71, they're particularly dangerous. What can you do to stay safer in this congested area?

1. Try to take a back route

One of the things that residents can do more easily than those coming from out of town is to try to take a back route. Alternative routes get you off the highway and away from the congested stop-and-go traffic that could cause a crash.

2. Give yourself space

Yes, someone may honk at you, but give yourself space and slow down. Try to maintain at least one car length between you and the car or truck in front of you. Add a car length for each 10 mph faster you travel. That's two car-lengths for 20 mph, three for 30 and so on.

3. Take an exit

Sometimes, the stop-and-go traffic wears you down, and long waits mean you're antsy to get off the road. At the next exit, do just that. Take a break, so that you can return to driving once you're rested and ready.

Traffic isn't always predictable, but these tips can help you stay safer the next time you have to travel on the highways that are currently under construction.

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