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If you're hit, do you know what to do next?

Motorcycle crashes are among the most dangerous. As a rider, you're exposed directly to the impact of another vehicle, the road and other objects. Depending on the gear you're wearing, you could suffer from road rash, get a concussion or have other serious injuries, even if the collision was relatively minor.

Motorcyclist woes: Stay safe while you ride

Motorcyclists love this time of year in Ohio because they can get back out on the roads without having to layer up in winter gear. Of course, even in warm weather, riding a motorcycle creates risks. Drivers are less likely to see motorcyclists, and they're also more likely to underestimate how fast a motorcyclist is traveling.

How can I avoid a motorcycle crash this spring?

This winter in Ohio has been dreadful. It's unlikely that you've had many opportunities to take your motorcycle out for many rides around Columbus. Spring is fast approaching, though. It's likely that you'll start riding your motorcycle more as the weather improves. Below are some tips that you should follow to remain safe on your motorcycle as springs begins.

Do motorcycle helmets protect you against cervical neck injuries?

While most of us think that motorcycle helmets protect riders from head and neck injuries, researchers in the past have suggested that helmets put riders at a higher risk of fracturing their cervical vertebrae or suffering other spine injuries when they wear them. Now, however, researchers who recently published a study in the Journal of Neurosurgery note that helmets are more critical to preventing cervical injuries than previously thought.

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